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Getting There
There are three main choices for getting to the Pal-Arinsal ski area:

• by gondola from La Massana;
• by gondola from Arinsal;
• by driving to the roadside chairlifts or to the main base lodge areas.
Driving to La Massana & Erts
La Massana, the area's main town and parish capital, is situated at the confluence of the Valira del Nord and Arinsal rivers at the widest part of the valley, well below the actual ski areas. Principal access is from Escaldes-Engordany and Andorra la Vella via the tunnels on the CG3 road.

Almost immediately left and right past the final tunnel are side roads leading off, respectively, to the hamlets of Sispony and Anyós; the main road continues towards La Massana. Pass straight through the town centre if you are travelling on to Pal or Arinsal. At the far side of town you arrive at the prominent La Massana-Pal gondola base station (with an adjacent 900-space car park), providing the first ski-lift access point linking to the ski area at Pal.

Otherwise, follow the short one-way system around the gondola station to continue towards the hamlet of Erts (2.5 km / 1½ miles ahead).
At the roundabout at Erts, either turn left for Pal or go straight on for Arinsal.
The Drive to Pal
6 km (3¾ miles) from Erts, after an attractive forest-lined drive via the hamlets of Xixerella and Pal, you arrive at a T-junction and the first on-piste access points for Pal's ski area. An information cabin with a lift pass sales kiosk is located here, making it possible to simply park your vehicle and hop on the roadside chairlifts just past the junction.

Turn right to get to the lifts serving the most challenging pistes, or to continue up towards Pal's Setúria sector access point and cable car link to Arinsal at the Coll de la Botella. Alternatively, turn left at the junction, for the roadside lifts serving gentler pistes or to continue the drive up to Pal's main base area at La Caubella.
The Drive to Arinsal
From Erts, it is only 1.5 km (1 mile) to Arinsal. The village is strung out in a linear fashion along the valley road and the parallel course of the Arinsal River, with three distinct zones (all served by the ski bus service):

First, there is a cluster of residences around the Hotel Sant Gothard;  then,
the actual resort centre at 1475 m (4838 ft), with open-air car parking and the [‘Orriols’] gondola base station at its core;  the road then continues on up to a satellite accommodation zone (‘Cota 1550’) and car park, at 1550 m (5085 ft).

Cota 1550 has a chairlift link direct to Arinsal's base lodge at Comallempla 1950 and, when conditions allow, there is a ‘home-run’ piste back down to the base of this lift, finishing next to the Aparthotel Crest.  From Cota 1550, the road finally climbs all the way to the base-lodge car park at 1950 m (6398 ft) above sea level.


Toulouse » La Massana
231 km (143½ miles)

Barcelona » La Massana
226 km (140 miles)

Andorra la Vella » La Massana
6 km (3¾ miles)

La Massana » Pal
10.5 km (6½ miles)

La Massana » Arinsal
4 km (2½ miles)
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