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Sector:  Arinsal
Les Fonts is Arinsal's main arterial piste, running almost the entire length of the ski area and providing an uninterrupted cruise from the Port Negre saddle all the way down to the base lodge; delivering just under 1800 ft (550 m) of vertical descent. Link it with Les Marrades, via the [skier's] lefthand variant of El Cortal, and you can continue non-stop on-piste to the Cota 1550 suburb of Arinsal village at the foot of the mountain.

The shorter, parallel, La Solana is simply an easier variant of the upper section of Les Fonts, providing an escape route for nervous novices fazed by the often choppy gully above the Xina Igloo bar/restaurant level.

Both routes are accessed via a busy link track cutting across the face of Pic Negre from the Port Negre saddle. After passing the entrance for the Bony Vaques slope, the track runs out into a wide funnel: keep highest ahead-left for La Solana; or swing down to the skier's right for Les Fonts.

The almost flat upper section of La Solana traverses along the flanks of the Pic del Port Vell and Pic dels Aspres, high to the skier's left of Les Fonts, with a mid-point link-spur towards the Xina Igloo level, before eventually swooping down to rejoin the principal Les Fonts at its more mellow mid-section further below.

The upper section of Les Fonts is much steeper, taking you through a wide but often choppy gully before schussing out to the Xina Igloo level. You then have two options:  either go ahead-left, between the arrival point of Les Fonts chairlift and the Xina Igloo, for the onward descent on Les Fonts;  or, swing out earlier to the skier's right to ride into the FreeStyle Area or to take the parallel Port Vell route.

After cresting the slightly inclined ground next to the arriving Les Fonts chairlift, Les Fonts develops into a wide motorway cruise with a couple of slightly steeper and narrower sections to keep you on your toes; running straight down the skier's left-hand side of the ski area to splice seamlessly with the Bony piste for the final approach to the base lodge and the main ski lifts.

Most beginners should be able to tackle this long style-flattering run after their first few days of tuition.
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Les Fonts & La Solana
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