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Far West mountain restaurant at Coll de la Botella


Locations & Descriptions
With such a compact ski area, you are never far away from from a piste-side bar or eatery at Pal-Arinsal. Most are really just glorified snack-bars, but there are a couple of very good quality restaurants too.

The base lodges at La Caubella 1950 (Pal) and Comallempla 1950 (Arinsal) are the main foci for food and drink services, offering a wide range of fare to suit most tastes and budgets. There are also five reasonably pleasant on-piste venues too: two in the Pal sector and three in the Arinsal sector.

Full lunch service is available between 12:30–15:30hrs; bar and snack services are available all day. In those venues without table service, you should pay at the till first and then take your order receipt to the food-service counter.
Prices are consistent throughout the ski area and are generally pretty fair.
All venues have [free] public WCs.
Ski-Ride Ratings
Ski-Ride's restaurant reviews indicate the relative price bracket for each venue:
(£) = cheapest;
(£££+) = most expensive.



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