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View over Pla de la Cot, towards Pic del CubilLINK AREA:  PLA DE LA COT

Sector:  Pal
A [very often sunny] plateau of high ground at 2052 m (6731 ft), housing the Bella Italia bar/restaurant, midway between the base area at La Caubella and the main upper ski area on Pic del Cubil.

The slow 2-seater La Serra and fast 4-seater La Serra II chairlifts provide uplift to this level when approached from La Caubella;  La Serra button tow also arrives here, rising from the roadside Els Fontanals area at the foot of Pic del Cubil.

When approached from the upper Pic del Cubil slopes, the Pla de la Cot's flat terrain interrupts the flow of the through-route La Serra piste towards La Caubella, necessitating an inclined skate/walk in order to crest the raised ground next to the chairlifts' arrival points, before you are able to pick up momentum again. The short La Cot rope tow helps with uplift through this section, but, unless you are a beginner or want to stop at the Bella Italia, it is best to bypass this area and take a different route towards La Caubella.
Panoramic Viewpoint
One little-known feature of the Pla de la Cot area is the great viewpoint on the rocky high ground opposite the restaurant. Go round to the far side of the short rope-tow lines and walk up to the summit on the far side of the fence.

It's a good spot for a picnic, with superb views over most of central and northern Andorra: the peaks opposite, across the valley, are the Pic de Carroï (the one with the communications mast) and, highest to the looker's right, the Pic d'Enclar forming the border with Spain.
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Pla de la Cot
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