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Sector:  Pal (Setúria)
A good fast red, designated as the station's public-access ‘Slalom Stadium’ & specialist ‘Carving Area’.

Beginning from the top of the Setúria chairlift, it shares its upper section with the approach to the Font Roja run before swooping straight down to the skier's right.

Courses are varied every few days, set out in either Slalom, GS or Carving configuration; and usually only closed for competitions at weekends. There is a great view of the entire course from the terrace of the Far West bar/restaurant, which can be reached easily from this run by swinging to the skier's right after the finish line, past the get-on point for the nearby La Botella chairlift
(CAUTION: this requires you to cross the Coll de la Botella piste, so stay alert for piste traffic coming from your [skier's] right when crossing).

The fastest route to the start again is to carry straight on at the finish line, then veer left to continue desending on the final fast section of the Coll de la Botella, linking with the detachable Setúria chairlift at the bottom of the valley.

Other than for official competition events, there is no infrared timing system on the course; so you'll have to rely on your buddies to time your run in order to establish any world-beating records!
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