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Pal-Arinsal piste map | © Valls del Nord SA


How to Use
Each route-finder is presented as a sequential list: simply take each ski lift and piste in the order given to travel between the specified start and finish points.

e.g.  Coll de la Botella » La Caubella 1950:
La Botella Chairlift » Camí Superior » La Cot Rope Tow » La Serra » El Planell

In the above example, to get from the Coll de la Botella link area [between Arinsal & Pal] to Pal's La Caubella 1950 base area, you would first take La Botella chairlift, then the Camí Superior blue piste, linking with La Cot Rope Tow and then finishing via La Serra blue piste and El Planell green piste.

Point-to-point route directions are not necessarily the quickest option, but rather the best on-piste route judged by rider ability level to deliver the most enjoyable journey between the specified points.

Two versions of each route are given: one for competent novices and the other for those of confident intermediate-level ability.
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