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Chairlift symbol: detachable 4-seater


5 Minutes Journey
272 m (892 ft) Rise2400 Passengers/Hour
Sector:  Pal
This is definitely the best lift to head to when you want to ride away from Pal's La Caubella base area towards the Pla de la Cot level for all onward links. It is reached via the short El Beç piste, which flows gently away from the snowfield in front of the gondola station at La Caubella. The Transversal trail, Els Avets, El Besurt II and El Besurt also descend to the base of this lift. Alternatively, it can be accessed directly from the roadside on the drive up from Erts (roadside parking is available; lift pass kiosk at junction on approach).

At the get-on area, this lift is the one on the looker's right;  the lift on the looker's left is the fixed La Carbonera chairlift accessing the beginners' zone.

On Arrival:  at the Pla de la Cot area, the Bella Italia bar/restaurant is directly ahead, as is the wide El Gall towards Els Fontanals for all onward links; the quickest link to the main El Cubil chairlift is via the Corpalanca piste which is immediately to your right on dismount; otherwise, U-turn to the right on dismount to return to the base of this [La Serra II] lift via El Besurt II or El Besurt;  U-turning to the left on dismount, between the two arriving chairlifts, will take you on to the very gentle lowest section of La Serra towards La Caubella.
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La Serra II Chairlift
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