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Snow Patrol at Arcalís ski area, Vallnord, Principality of Andorra | © SECNOA | Photographer: Marcel Urigüen


Before You Go
In this era of low-cost travel and rapid communications, it is easy to forget that snowsports holidays usually involve you setting out from a relatively benign temperate climate to travel straight into Arctic conditions.
Furthermore, you are going to be careering around this wild and inhospitable environment at the speed of a car, with not much more than a knitted beanie hat and a pair of padded gloves to protect you!

The only way to ensure your safety and get maximum enjoyment out of your trip is to have respect for the seriousness of the situation you are putting yourself in and to prepare accordingly.


Warm Up
Preparation begins at home: join a gym, ride a bike or just walk further and more often. The best and safest skiers and snowboarders are fit ones.

Whilst in resort, warm-up at the start of each day and after rest breaks.
A few minutes stretching and jogging on the spot will pay dividends in your ability to sustain activity and avoid injury.
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Preparation for Snowsports
Snowsports Accident Cover
Accident rescue services are not automatically included with standard lift pass or instruction packages:  it is your responsibility to make sure that you are adequately covered by your travel insurance policy, or to purchase a supplemental piste-rescue upgrade from the lift pass office in resort.
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