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Eat Like a Champion
To get the most out of a snowsports holiday, don't make the mistake of regarding meals as merely pitstops for refuelling: a couple of beers and a hamburger won't help you nail a 540 or give you the legs to progress into deep powder after lunch!

Nutritious, warming meals, with good quality fresh ingredients and frequent non-alcoholic fluid intake are what your body craves at altitude. Remember, you are in an Arctic environment, participating in a demanding sport. This requires an athletic-minded approach to diet. It is far better to supply your body with optimum nutrition while, since you are on holiday after all, rewarding yourself with a gourmet experience. If you owned a racehorse worth millions, you wouldn't feed it beer and hamburgers! So why treat yourself any less worthy?


A ‘continental’ breakfast of coffee, croissant and cigarette isn't adequate enough to support a morning in the mountains. You need slow-release energy-rich foods such as muesli with fruit, bread with cheese or ham, yogurt with honey; occasional fry-ups are fine too, because even moderately active snowsports can burn off over 400 calories per hour.
Light, warming dishes based on pasta, rice or vegetables with meat or fish to provide a balanced supply of complex carbohydrate energy, protein and fibre.
Salad, soup or vegetables to start; followed by fish, fowl or light meat. Don't make it too hearty though, because a heavy meal will interfere with your sleep.
Fruit; yogurt; sandwiches; dried fruit/nuts; energy bars.
Fruit juice; tea (herbal is best); hot chocolate; isotonic drinks; water,
and more water!
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