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Piste-side gear rack


Avoiding Accidents
Ski and snowboard boots were not designed for walking on pistes. If you get stuck on steep and/or icy slopes, it is always safer to keep your skis or board on, because taking them off can cause you to lose your footing.

When you do take your gear off, make sure that you place it in a secure position. If your skis or board slide away, they can severely injure or even kill someone in just the few seconds it takes for them to pick up velocity. Legally, you will be held responsible: it will be viewed as an avoidable lack of care, not an accident.

Put your gear in a rack if there is one available. If there are no racks, place your skis on flat ground with their brake legs digging into the snow, or ram them vertically into the snow where they cannot fall over and/or slide away; snowboards should be set down with their bindings digging into the snow, and/or secured with a leash to a fixed object.

Do not lean gear on the sides of cable car cabins or flat walls; it will slide off and may knock down others, and it's just like a guillotine when it comes crashing down.
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Snowsports Accident Cover
Accident rescue services are not automatically included with standard lift pass or instruction packages:  it is your responsibility to make sure that you are adequately covered by your travel insurance policy, or to purchase a supplemental piste-rescue upgrade from the lift pass office in resort.
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