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Sector:  Soldeu
Parallel motorway pistes which flow out of the Espiolets Plateau, heading towards the first major link lift and splicing seamlessly into the blue-graded home run to Soldeu base station.

The Paniquera is on a slightly higher level to the skier's right of the Astoret, and accessed by the short slow-moving Bassots button tow; it is also served by the Espiolets button tow which returns to just above the Espiolets Plateau, and so provides a handy progression route for beginners for their first forays away from the green-graded snowfields on the plateau.

The two pistes eventually converge, level with the XiriXuca Pizza snack bar (sited piste-side on the skier's lefthand side of the Astoret), and pick up pace over steeper ground dropping down towards the Solana chairlift.
The Paniquera officially finishes just below the level of the snack bar, at the base terminal of the Espiolets button tow (rising parallel furthest over to the skier's right); the Astoret continues the descent towards the chairlift, and also has a spur sweeping down to the skier's left to join the Ós piste towards Soldeu base station. All links are good.
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