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Sector:  Soldeu
The slopes flowing into the Solana del Forn area off the Tosa dels Espiolets ridge are shared by a number of motorway-wide blue pistes: the Duc, the Gall de Bosc, the Ós, and the Fura. All four routes begin together by funnelling through the slightly narrower and steepish section which marks the official start of the Duc and the Fura, before fanning out to take their respective routes through this wide and open upper valley.

The Duc accompanies the Gall de Bosc straight ahead for a long & gentle undulating schuss, until the Gall de Bosc turns sharply off to the skier's left down towards the Espiolets Plateau. The Duc continues straight on, following what used to be the route of the old Solana del Forn draglift (now dismantled) to emerge parallel with the Paniquera piste, linking with the Espiolets button tow below skier's left. Continuing the descent past this lift provides a good link with the Solana chairlift, and also allows you to join the Ós piste for the home run to Soldeu base station.
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