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Sector:  Soldeu
An incredibly varied route from the summit of the Tosa dels Espiolets, linking with the black runs on the face of the mountain overlooking Soldeu village to create a non-stop run stretching to almost 4 km (2½ miles).
Although it belongs to the Soldeu sector, the Llebre is best accessed via El Tarter's Tosa Espiolets chairlift from Riba Escorxada.

The start section is very gentle, simply traversing along the flat ridge away from the summit area. It is possible to drop into the deeper inter-piste snow off to the skier's right all along this ridge, to cross to the Gall de Bosc, Duc, and Ós pistes below; otherwise, remain on the ridge for the Llebre.
In poor visibility, you should stay close to the ridge-line fence which marks the skier's lefthand boundary of the piste.

The Llebre then truly gets going as it plunges on to a short black-equivalent pitch, dropping out at a piste junction below: turn 90 degrees to the skier's left there to join the Gall de Bosc piste, and schuss down on to the wide Espiolets Plateau, veering to the skier's left to carefully bypass the busy central beginners' slopes. Aim for the skier's left of the Gall de Bosc restaurants complex on the far side of the plateau (CAUTION: stay alert for and respectful to erratic/nervous learners as you cross this area).

Once you reach the far side of the plateau, the Llebre then gets going again with a short sharp drop twisting down to the skier's right on to a long straight, inviting a full-on schuss (CAUTION: the Avet run cuts directly across your line of descent ahead, from above skier's right in the area where you pass under the lift-lines).
The Llebre continues straight on as a fast yet easy motorway, curving all the way round to the skier's left towards its final straight into a busy confluence area again under the lines of the Soldeu chairlift & gondola; still some way above the base station at Soldeu, and with a number of possible onward links.

To reach El Tarter from that point, keep straight on and follow the Ós piste to the junction for the [flat] Gall de Bosc ahead. Otherwise, dropping off to the skier's right on to the Slalom or Avet slopes is the best way to finish off with a flourish down to Soldeu's base station.
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