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Sector:  El Tarter
A good red piste at the core of El Tarter's upper snowbowl, beginning from the summit of the Tossal de la Llosada and offering a decent variety of terrain.

There are two lines in:

A) for the steepest [and often mogulled] start, go to the skier's left of the panoramic display board on the summit and head in the direction of the communications mast at the Llosada cliffs, to the point where the Guineu piste peels off, then drop in off the lip to the skier's right; or

B) for a less severe start, go to the skier's right of the panoramic display board at the summit and aim for the nearest red-grade piste marker ahead-right, which marks the skier's righthand side of the wide entrance to the Llop.

Both variations converge after about 300 m (328 yd), for a motorway-wide blast beneath the Llosada cliffs, parallel to the line of the overhead Llosada chairlift and running out into the middle of the snowbowl to merge with the Miguel and Guineu pistes towards Riba Escorxada.

There is also some entertaining freeride to be had through slightly steeper & deeper inter-piste terrain high to the skier's right on the upper section, crossing to the Miguel run. Likewise, off to the skier's left, you can traverse over to join the Guineu piste via ungroomed open ground laden with windlips & drop-offs.
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