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Sector:  El Tarter
Basically twin variations of the upper section of the Aliga run, taking similar routes, further over to the skier's right of the Aliga.

The parallel top sections gently clear the busy summit area, then build to a fast red profile and sweep down through the steeper wooded slopes off to the skier's right. As with the Aliga, these routes also drop out to join the gentle Gall de Bosc piste: the Falcó exits on to a very flat section, where an almost horizontal rope tow (the ‘Telecorda’) is provided to aid onward progress on the Gall de Bosc; the Mufló exits further along, not far from the other end of this same rope tow.

Although the Mufló & Falcó terminate at this level, you can use the Gall de Bosc to link with the lower half of the Aliga to pick up the pace again, down to the base station at El Tarter.
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