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Sector:  Soldeu
Basically all variations of the prime Solana piste, accessed from the summit of the Tossal de la Llosada.

Follow the line of the fence along the flat summit ridge, parallel to the line of the Assaladors chairlift, until you reach the entrance for the Solana dipping off to the skier's right. The upper section is really just a track, twisting down over the rocky head of the Solana del Forn Valley to a junction point on the wider slopes below: veer to the skier's right there for the Obaga; the skier's left for the Marmota; or, stay central to remain on the Solana.

There is no real difference in the profile of these three routes, but the Solana is designated as a Boarder/SkierCross course and uses the natural berms & rollers of a mountain stream gully to deliver the most interesting ride; some sections of which are pipe-like in scale.

All three pistes converge to make good links with the Assaladors and Solanelles chairlifts. The Solana and the Marmota end there, but the Obaga also bypasses the lifts' terminals to continue on to a gentle wooded trail running along the skier's righthand bank of the Solana del Forn stream, eventually meeting the finish of the Serrat de la Posa piste and a rope tow up towards the Solana chairlift, and links with the Ós piste which makes a home run to Soldeu village.
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Solana, Obaga & Marmota
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