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Sector:  El Tarter
These great twin blue pistes are definitely the best place to head to on slushy spring days, for fast-paced workouts at this snow-sure altitude and to escape the crowds; they also offer the best late-afternoon snow conditions in this sector. As a bonus, the views are terrific too. These summit slopes are also the quickest way from the Soldeu & El Tarter sectors to reach the pick-up point for the weekend-only Ratrac tow into the in-bounds off-piste zone off Pic d'Encampadana.

The Oreneta is furthest to the skier's left, the Teixó is to the skier's right of the dividing fence. Both pistes are wide standard blues to start, then steepen to a fair red-equivalent gradient for the lower three-quarters of their 1.2 km (¾ mile) run. Both link well with, and are served by, the parallel Llosada button tow; additionally, both also sweep over to Els Clots chairlift linking with the Canillo sector.

Continuing to the skier's right from the end of the Teixó also allows you to join the Guineu, and/or Tamarro run, to keep riding down into El Tarter's snowbowl in the direction of Riba Escorxada.
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Oreneta & Teixó
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