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Sector:  Soldeu
Soldeu's home-run blue pistes (manageable even by first-week novices), running to the foot of the Soldeu gondola base station via the pisted bridge high across the Valira Ravine.

The Ós actually begins at the top of the Solana del Forn slopes, off the Tosa dels Espiolets ridge, where it is more or less a twin of the parallel Duc piste. However, most people first encounter the Ós at its mid section, close to the base terminal of the Solana chairlift, and/or as a continuation of the Astoret & Paniquera pistes coming from the Espiolets Plateau, as the long easy traverse across the forested valley slopes towards Soldeu village.

This mid section is wide and easy, mirroring the straight line of the Valira Valley and sweeping under the cable-lines of the Soldeu chairlift & gondola at a confluence area with the black & red runs off the face of the mountain, and maintains a fairly steady flow all the way down to the finish. The Soldeu chairlift is an easy link at the bottom; otherwise, simply skate/stroll across the pisted bridge to the piste-side lifts (elevators) at the foot of the gondola base station.
Alternatively, at the final [righthand] bend towards the finish, it is possible to peel off to the skier's left to join the final section of the Gall de Bosc run traversing through the woods to El Tarter base station.

The Bosc Fosc is really just a variant finish to the Ós, but with a more consistent slope angle and more efficient links at the finish. It peels off to the skier's right from the Ós, at a wide meadow clearing just past the point where the spur of the Astoret piste finishes by joining the Ós. A couple of switchback turns take the sting out of the gradient as the piste winds down into the woods, before running almost directly towards the ravine bridge. The Soldeu chairlift is an easy link to the skier's left at the bottom, next to the finish of the Slalom run; otherwise, simply veer across the bridge to reach the piste-side lifts (elevators) at the lower ground floor of the gondola station, providing access to the gondola and to street level at Soldeu village.
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