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Sector:  El Tarter
A couple of fair black runs, descending into El Tarter's snowbowl from the summit of the Tosa dels Espiolets.

Each offers a slightly different ride on the same mountainside, running more or less parallel down these steep upper slopes: the Corb runs widest out to the skier's left, furthest away from the line of the Tosa Espiolets chairlift, to give the longest and most varied run.

The uppermost sections of both pistes are fair black-grade in character, with steep bumpy pitches and plenty of piste-side kickers; the Corb definitely has the edge regards steeper terrain though, and features a gully-shaped section at the top.

The Voltor can also be used to reach the Stadibumps moguls piste, which is accessible from the mid-point of the run and easily identifiable thanks to the banners and race-starter's hut by the entrance. The Voltor itself veers off to the skier's left at that point, to continue its descent on a wide red-equivalent slope that can usually be tackled at speed.

The lower sections of both these pistes are really only mild red-grade in character, with very gentle run-outs to the point where they finish side-by-side to merge with the Esquirol piste, which then presents a long flat schuss straight towards the main lifts & services hub at Riba Escorxada.
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